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The Process of Debt Negotiation

The Process of Debt Negotiation

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The Process of Debt Negotiation

How do you know when a debt negotiation company like Cambridge Life Solutions is doing right by their clients?

1. Cambridge Life Solutions has settled over $11,000,000.000 in consumer debt this year alone in 2012. That number represents THOUSANDS of settlements achieved for HUNDREDS of consumers. These consumers have seen settlements as high as 90%, but on average over 55% in principal and interest savings! If your creditors say that they don't settle during times of your financial hardship - this is the first indication you should start listening to someone other than whom you owe money to. They may not have your best interest at heart. Point your creditors to our settlement page and ask them to explain the settlements we post from our clients whom creditors have settled for pennies on the dollar! If you have experience a financial hardship such as loss of job, reduction in income, medical emergency, divorce/separate, and much much more - your creditors may accept a settlement (reduced amount) as payment in full on your debt. There are a variety of debt relief options to your disposal from our program: debt negotiation to credit counselling, consumer proposal and even in extreme cases bankruptcy. If you feel our debt negotiation program is right for your unique and individual financial situation we will work hard on your behalf.

2. Cambridge Life Solutions is licensed and bonded or registered in ALL the provinces in which we service.

3. We maintain an excellent business rating and based on the number of complaints we have compared to the number of clients we have serviced, our complaint ratio is less than 1%. A testament to the customer service and results Cambridge Life Solutions has been able to achieve for our clients.

4. Take a look at a handful of settlements below, look at the proof for yourself. How can anyone say Cambridge Life Solutions doesn't provide benefit to clients when the settlements we achieve do all the talking for us? See more settlements HERE.

5. Take a look at a handful of client comments below. See what they are saying about Cambridge Life Solutions and the benefit we have provided them. See even more HERE.

Settlement: $7,205.08 in debt negotiated down to $1,900. $5,305.08 in principal saved. A savings of 73.62% achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions; meaning our client had to pay back less than 27 cents on every dollar he owed to his creditor.

Settlement: $16,990.79 in debt negotiated down to $5,500. $11,490.79 in principal saved. A savings of 67.62% achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions; meaning our client had to pay back less than 33 cents on every dollar he owed to his creditor.

Settlement: $16,780.51 in debt negotiated down to $4,195. $12,585.51 in principal saved. A savings of 75.00% achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions; meaning our client had to pay back only 25 cents on every dollar she owed to her creditor.

Settlement: $31,132.30 in debt negotiated down to $10,000. $21,132.30 in principal saved. A savings of 67.87% achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions; meaning our client had to pay back less than 33 cents on every dollar they owed to their creditor.

Settlement: $83,009.16 in debt negotiated down to $23,000. $60,009.16 in principal saved. A savings of 72.29% achieved by Cambridge Life Solutions; meaning our client had to pay back less than 28 cents on every dollar he owed to his creditor.

Cambridge Life Solutions receives a lot of compliments from the clients we help, below are just a few compliments we received over the span of only 3 days!:

“This message is to tell you how relieved I am that I made the phone call to Cambridge Life Solutions to help me with my debt problems. I was over $30,000 in debt and Cambridge Life Solutions helped me get my debts resolved for less than half of what I owed.

They made it so easy. They contacted my creditors to work on my behalf, so I did not have to do anything on my end. They are the experts and know how to deal with creditors far better than me. They know what to say and can work wonders. I was losing sleep and was very depressed until Cambridge Life Solutions helped me. I was also very impressed in how quickly my debts got resolved.

I have been dealing with Matthew ….for about six months now and he is a very pleasant individual and a pleasure to work with. He helped me and coached me every step of the way.

I have no complaints with dealing with Cambridge Life Solutions and would recommend them to anyone in the same situation that I was in. In fact I have already recommended them to a few people that have indicated they have financial problems.

Hopefully this is OK with you. Thanks and have a great evening,”

Marj - New Brunswick

“To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this email to tell you how amazing your staff are to myself and my family making me feel comfortable to talk about debt.

My husband and I were struggling with credit card debt where it was not going away even how hard we tried to pay it off; it was never enough. Back in July 2011, my husband heard a advertisement for Cambridge Life Solutions on the radio about your program; I was hesitating in calling but my husband said it was worth a shot. We called your company one night and we were greeted with a employee named Rene; he made the first steps calling a pleasant experience and no pressure was added to us to sign up.

I can’t say enough great things about Carren; Carren has been been with my family ever step through this process giving us information once even twice so we can fully understand the process that needed to be done through your program. Even though, we are enrolled in your program, we were still getting the credit card companies calling at all hours of the day requesting money; Carren was our rock in these situations as she helped deal with the calls and keep me calm. Carren is a great employee and I can’t imagine this process with without her. She is kind, caring person always asking how my family is doing and if I understand things that are happening; when I see the number on the phone, I know it is Carren calling and I look forward to our conversations. Thank you Carren for all that you have done for my family making me believe that I can be debt free. Thank you”

Jennifer, Ontario

“Hi my name is Larry. Since I have been with Cambridge I have been helped by many people within the company and they have all been very helpful kind and informative also very on top of any of my concerns. thank you very much”

Larry, British Columbia

“Cambridge right solutions

Dear personnel of Cambridge life Solutions:

I would like to thank all of you for your kindness and patience attending me. All of you form a great professional team that have encouraged me to trust in you and in your wonderful company. I was very worried and I did not know how to pay my debts I had with my credit cards. Now I am very happy with the reduction of my debs …Because you always have the right answer to resolve all the debt problems, I do not hesitate to recommend your team and your company.

Best regards”

Mireya - Quebec

“Cambridge Life Solutions and especially my agent Michael have worked diligently for the past few months helping my husband and I to settle our credit card debts. They have been in constant contact with us - keeping us informed of the progress they are making with each company but also calling to inquire how we are handling things on our end. Encouraging us through the difficult process and creditor calls. I find this company to be very profession and efficient. When they tell you they will do their very best for you it is like written in stone. The come through for you and keep you informed throughout the whole process. I am impressed and very pleased with the settlements…. I would most defiantly refer others to Cambridge Life Solutions. Because of them we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. ….has been instrumental in settling two of our biggest debts thus far and is hard at work on the others. We appreciate all Cambridge Life Solutions has done for us and we highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this kind of situation.”

Debbie & Mitchel L., New Brunswick

“In August of 2011, I came to CLS desperate for help. Due to an enormous business loss, even after selling all my assets, I was unable to pay some of the business debt. This debt included over $20,000 to one credit card Company … thanks to the negotiations of CLS that company settled for $7600!"

Larry - New Brunswick

“I’ve been a client with Cambridge Life Solutions since August 2011 to date and have recently settled an account and in process of another settlement. The team at Cambridge Life Solutions is very helpful, courteous and extremely reliable. I am so happy to have … my negotiator and I find him very genuine. Since I’ve been a client, I am pleased with the results, grateful for the services provided and very happy continuing our business together. Thank you.”

Antonette - Ontario

”I just want you and your team to know how grateful I am for your help and understanding. We would not have made it through this last year without very understanding people. Every time I phoned to talk to someone with a very stupid question, I always felt no question was stupid. I felt very comfortable talking to any staff and I thank you for that."

Beverly - Saskatchewan

“In regards to CLS services in dealing with our credit card debt, both myself and my husband are very happy with the service of all personnel that we have dealt with at CLS. Any inquiries on our part have been answered in a very timely and caring manner. Michael .. and all other members of the team are very professional. I have recommended this service to some of my friends and to date have no complaints at all. We have been very happy with the settlements that have been made so far and look forward to settling the rest of our debt. Thank you so much."

Valerie - Saskatchewan

“I would just like to say thank you for all your hard work and for negotiating on behalf of me. Your service has been excellent and rewarding. I’ve been able to save quite a bit of money and pay off a couple of my cards cause of your service. Thank you”

Robert - Ontario

“I’ve been more than pleased with the service that Cambridge Life Solutions and all their representatives, especially Matthew, have presented. In my opinion, they are an outstanding company. They are efficient, caring and respectful at all times.”

Rita, British Columbia

“The settlement offer, accepted, funds received, and completion by (creditor name not disclosed) was for $9800 paid Feb. 23rd, 2012. This represented 25% of the outstanding balance as computed by (creditor name not disclosed). That is an excellent consummation of the negotiation process and I believe your experience, communications skills and your manner contributed very significantly to this desired outcome. I appreciate the amount of cogent information you shared with me, keeping me in the loop during the roughly month long process since you first called.”

Brian - Ontario

"Dear Cambridge life solutions

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done for our Family. In our minds it seemed impossible for us to get out of our debts that we were in but with your help we are now debt free and our lives are much better in so many ways. We were able to go grocery shopping

without saying well we cannot purchase this or that because we have to keep most of our money for credit card bills. We are also planning to go on a vacation for the first time in years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done.”

France - Quebec

“We signed up with Cambridge Life Solutions about a year ago. The team welcomed us and together we worked out a strategy to solve our financial situation.

At that time we were mired in a downward spiral of increasing interest fees. We saw no real solution but to claim bankruptcy.

However your firm alleviated our fears and gave us a concrete pathway to follow to clean up our situation. At that time it was a load off of our shoulders.

CLS has now through this first year cleaned off 4 debts we had with two banks. This gave us a great feeling to put them to rest.

We look forward to a second year when our savings will clear our final outstanding debts.

Your staff have been courteous and friendly and understanding at all times. If anything they are outdoing our capabilities to save as they propose various settlements from our credit companies.

Thanks for your great work.”

J & W - British Columbia

“To whom It May Concern; I have had good service from you as my customer service representative. You have always promptly returned my phone calls when I called your office. You have been polite and courteous and cheerful in all my dealings with you. You have made me feel cheerful as I struggled to salvage my credit problems. I am satisfied with the reductions in payment settlements you have negotiated on my behalf. In short, I would give you an excellent ratings for the customer service you have provided to me as an agent for your company.”

William - Ontario

“Not making the necessary transition from working to retirement, we found ourselves drowning in credit card debt. This was causing a great deal of stress in our lives. The Cambridge Life Solutions radio advertising attracted our attention and to help elimination our trepidation about the legitimacy of the company we called the Better Business Bureau. Once we contacted Cambridge, we talked to Michael who explained how the program worked and told us what commitment would have to be made by us to clear up the situation. The program is well thought out and very easy to follow and by doing so, much of the stress has been eliminated. During our first year in the program the first Customer Service representative called us regularly which was very encouraging. All of the five Customer Service representatives we have had encouraged us to call if we had any question of any kind. Our calls were promptly returned and even if they were busy (which I am sure they were) they always had time for us and made sure that all our question were answered. Our current representative Matthew has been the most helpful and given us a lot of important information. Cambridge Life works as our representative with the collection agencies and therefore the program has worked.

After a year of following and committing to the Cambridge Life program has put us in the position of having out biggest creditor settled and we are now in the settlement process with our next biggest creditor.”

Dan - British Columbia

"Hi, my name is Hector and I was once enrolled at Cambridge Life Solution, I just wanna say thank you for helping me paying some of my debts. In the beginning I was hesitant ...but because most of the people I spoke to at Cambridge Life Solution are knowledgeable and very supportive, I am now free from a lot of things, like guilt, low self esteem, low of confidence and I have now gained my morals. So again I thank you so very much Cambridge Life Solution and all the people behind and part of this organization for helping people like me, may God bless us all !!! Thank you !!!"

Hector - Ontario

"Making the decision to ask for help with my finances was difficult for me as I had been in control for so long. After experiencing difficult health issues and a divorce my income was cut in half as was my self confidence and self esteem. Working with you and the rest of your team has been a great and rewarding experience. I am so grateful for the support and nonjudgmental position that you take when dealing with myself. You are very good at refocusing me when I get a little or a lot stressed about my situation. I trust what you tell me and feel confident that with your support I will survive. Thanks."

Lynn - British Columbia

"My experience with the credit relief program offered by Cambridge Life solutions has been one of the most easiest and stress free programs I have ever enrolled in. Due to the nature of the issues related to debts or credit relief you would expect a lot of uncertainty and anxiety to be present, but the team assigned to my case have take most of those away; Since the beginning they explain in detail to me the all procedures of the program, every single step I would have to go through in a very simple and understandable way, they explained as well the challenges and the situations I might be involved with...I feel confident that I the rest of my program will go as smoothly and relatively stress free as it has been, and I am really grateful that programs and companies like Cambridge Life Solutions exist to help people like me to get out of debt and money problems in a way that does not involve hiding from creditors or dealing with angry phone calls, and to get on their feet again...

I would like to talk about my experience with Cambridge life Solutions, all this was new to me, I always pay my bills on time but life has sharp turns some times and this is where you come in! The customer in your company is excellent!! everybody made me feel welcome and always answer my questions, especially Miss Caren..., she always made feel like she care about what I am going through and had patience with me with all my questions and concerns. I am very happy with your service and I will definately recommend your services to others."

Samuel, British Columbia

"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I want to advise you of my experience with Cambridge Life Solutions. From the first call I made to Cambridge Life Solutions until now my experience with their customer service has been nothing short of amazing. When I first called I was extremely stressed about our debt situation that arose from business difficulties involving an employee (with plans of her own), however now I am definitely less stressed because of the support I have received from Cambridge Life Solutions...I just can’t say enough about the treatment I’ve received from Cambridge Life Solutions, so I would be very comfortable in recommending their services to anyone who finds themselves , through no fault of their own, behind the eight ball with their debt.

Ralph - Ontario

"I would just like to say thank you to Michael and the whole team at Cambridge . I am extremely happy with your efforts so far , especially the settlement with [Creditor Name Blocked] . So far you guys have lived up to your promises and I thank you."

Michael - Ontario

The decision to use Cambridge Life Solutions to help negotiate your unsecured debt can be the very first step towards achieving financial freedom. Our management team holds collectively over 25 years experience in the field of finance and negotiation services.

By providing sound financial education and direction Cambridge Life Solutions, offers our clients the much needed relief they need and deserve. High interest and daily compounding debt causes overwhelming stress and burden not only financially but emotionally and physically as well. Cambridge Life Solutions negotiation program solves a huge problem people face today when it comes to dealing with their creditors.

Cambridge Life Solutions' mission is to help any of the following consumers experiencing:

  • Being on a fixed income.
  • Many bills are in collections.
  • Over the limit on credit cards.
  • Hiding the bills from loved ones.
  • Worried bankruptcy is the only option.
  • Creditors are refusing to work with me.
  • Barely affording the minimum payments.
  • Credit score is low because of the amounts owed.
  • Caught in the cycle of "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul".
  • Using savings and retirement to pay minimum payments.
  • Avoiding answering the phone because of the harassment.
  • Constantly being harassed by my creditors at home or work.
  • Loss of job recently and income has been drastically reduced.
  • Medical emergency makes paying creditors extremely difficult.
  • Lenders will not help with a consolidation loan due to my credit score.
  • Creditors are charging an insane amount of interest; the debt will outlive me.
  • Late fees and interest rates are so high, paying down the principal is difficult.
  • Cannot refinance the house to pay off creditors because credit score is too low.
  • Losing the ability to work overtime and now paying these debts become impossible.
  • Credit counselling didn't provide the savings needed, what other options are available?

There are hundreds of reasons why someone may need help. The list above tends to be the most popular mentioned from Cambridge Life Solutions customers. The first step is making that initial call to Cambridge Life Solutions. Let us know what you are personally dealing with so Cambridge Life Solutions can help you determine if our negotiation program is best suited for your unique situation.

Give Cambridge Life Solutions a call, it is free and there is no risk or obligation to speak to a consultant today.

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